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Thomas' Christmas Party

Thomas' Christmas Party[]


Thomas the Tank Engine and FriendsTemplate:Thomas' Christmas Party

Based on The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry

Adaptation by: Britt Allcroft "Thomas' Christmas Party" Told by: Ringo Starr

Directed by: David Mitton

Model Engines and Characters by Clearwater Model Making Systems Ltd: David Payne Jo Webster Chris Noulton David Lillie Tim Staffel
Supervisiors: John Penicott and Tim Staffel
Models and Sets: Jamie Bowering Jamie Jackson-Moore Ben Cain John Holmes and Tom Vane
Specialized Model Making: Bernard Carr John Kerr and Ian Kerr
Construction: Frank Schultz
Camera Crew Focus: Barry Brown Colin Davidson and Tony Brown
Camera Assistant: John Atwell
Lighting: Beams Film & TV Lighting
Gaffer: Steve Dempsey
Camera Equipment & Specialized Lighting: Turmite Camera Hire Ltd and Clearwater Camera Computer Systems Ltd
Dubbing: NAG Masters London
Production Assistant: Nasreen Khan
Lighting Cameraman: Terry Permane
Art Director: Bob Gauld Galliers
2nd Unit Director: Stephen Asquith
Music Composed and Arranged by:

Video Facilities:

Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell & Bluebird Themes

Research Recordings


Assistant Editor:

Michael Dixon

Andrea MacArthur

Producers: Britt Allcroft Robert Cardona and David Mitton
A Gullane Pictures Release

A Britt Allcroft Production © Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1984.



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