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The following is a list of episodes of the television series Thomas & Friends.

Series overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 26 September 4, 1984 December 25, 1984
2 26 September 2, 1986 December 23, 1986
3 26 September 12, 1991 November 25, 1992
4 26 September 10, 1994 May 30, 1995
5 26 June 5, 1998 August 11, 1998
6 26 August 3, 2002 October 13, 2002
7 26 October 4, 2003 December 26, 2003
8 26 August 1, 2004 October 24, 2004
9 26 September 4, 2005 November 25, 2005
10 28 October 2, 2006 October 15, 2006
11 26 September 3, 2007 September 12, 2007
12 20 September 1, 2008 September 26, 2008
13 20 January 25, 2010 February 19, 2010
14 20 October 11, 2010 November 8, 2010
15 20 March 1, 2011 March 28, 2011
16 20 February 20, 2012 December 25, 2012
17 26 June 3, 2013 November 21, 2014
18 26 August 25, 2014 July 31, 2015

Unaired Pilot[]

Title Image Original UK Airdate Plot Number
Down the Mine (Unaired Pilot)
Unaired (Test Screened Mid-1983) The original 1983 pilot episode of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The pilot was based on the Railway Series story Down the Mine and differed from the final aired version. The pilot was never broadcast, instead it was re-filmed after the season was green-lit by ITV. Only one scene from the pilot can be seen from the final version of episode. #00

Season One[]

(Note: * means that an episode was not narrated by Ringo Starr in the US and was only narrated by George Carlin in the US.)

(Note: ** means that an episode was narrated by George Carlin in the US but was never re-aired on Shining Time Station and was only released on VHS or DVD)

Title Image Airdate Plot Number
Thomas and Gordon
Thomas Gets Tricked
Thomas introduced.png
9th October 1984 Thomas likes to tease Gordon, but when his teasing and tricking goes too far, Gordon decides to give a payback. #01
Edward and Gordon
Edward Helps Out
Edward and Gordon.png
9th October 1984 Edward's crew feel sorry for him and take him out one day. Then he helps Gordon when he gets stuck on a hill. #02
The Sad Story of Henry
Come Out, Henry!
16th October 1984 Henry believes the rain will spoil his paintwork and he runs into a tunnel, in which he is eventually bricked up. #03
Edward, Gordon and Henry
Henry to the Rescue
16th October 1984 Gordon goes too fast and bursts a safety valve right in front of the tunnel. Henry is let out to help Edward pull the train. #04
Thomas' Train
A Big Day for Thomas
23rd October 1984 Thomas wishes he could pull a train. When Henry is ill, his chance comes with disastrous results. #05
Thomas and the Trucks
Trouble for Thomas
Tired Thomas.png
23rd October 1984 Thomas and Edward agree to swap jobs. However, Edward's train consists of trucks, which love to play tricks. #06
Thomas and the Breakdown Train
Thomas Saves the Day
30th October 1984 When James comes off the rails, Thomas quicklycomes to the rescue with the Breakdown Train. He is given a branch line and two coaches as a reward. #07
James and the Coaches
James Learns a Lesson
30th October 1984 James wets the Fat Controllers new top hat with steam and then bumps his coaches so hard that one of their brakes fail. #08
Troublesome Trucks
Foolish Freight Cars
6th November 1984 James has been confined to the shed but is released to pull trucks. The trucks misbehave, but James does not give up. #09
James and the Express
A Proud Day for James
6th November 1984 When Gordon is switched the wrong way and gets lost, James is given the Express. #10
Thomas and the Guard
Thomas and the Conductor
13th November 1984 Thomas' impatience leads to him forgetting his guard. #11
Thomas Goes Fishing
13th November 1984 Thomas wants to go fishing but learns the hard way when he takes on river water. #12
Thomas, Terence and the Snow
Terence the Tractor
20th November 1984 Thomas meets Terence the Tractor and says his wheels are ugly. However, Thomas is shown just how useful they are when he crashes into a snowdrift. #13
Thomas and Bertie
Thomas and Bertie's Great Race
20th November 1984 Thomas meets Bertie the Bus who challenges him to a race. #14
Tenders and Turntables
27th November 1984 Gordon and James have trouble on the turntable. #15
Trouble in the Shed
27 November 1984 The big engines go on strike so the Fat Controller buys a new engine called Percy to help. #16
Percy Runs Away
4th December 1984 Percy forgets Edward's warning about going on the main line and is so startled by Gordon that he runs away. #17
Henry's Special Coal
4th December 1984 Henry is not feeling well. The Fat Controller comes to a conclusion that Henry needs Welsh coal to preform well. #18
The Flying Kipper
11th December 1984 Henry is chosen to pull the "Flying Kipper". However, ice jams the points and snow forces down a signal, leading Henry to crash. #19
Whistles and Sneezes*
Whistles and Sneezes.png
11th December 1984 Gordon's whistle jams and he cannot stop whistling while Henry sneezes at some troublemaking boys. #20
Toby and the Stout Gentleman
Toby the Tram Engine
18th December 1984 Toby the Tram Engine and his coach, Henrietta, meet the Fat Controller and his family on their holiday, but Toby's line slowly closes down. #21
Thomas in Trouble
Thomas Breaks the Rules
18th December 1984 Thomas gets in trouble with a policeman. When the Fat Controller hears about it, he buys Toby and Henrietta. #22
Dirty Objects
James in a Mess
25th December 1984 Toby and Henrietta often get teased by James about their old-fashioned appearance. However, James crashes into some tar tanker wagons. #23
Off the Rails
Gordon Takes a Dip
8th January 1985 Gordon decides to jam the turntable to prove a point, but his attempt makes him slide into a ditch. #24
Down the Mine
8th January 1985 Thomas goes to a lead mine to collect some trucks but foolishly passes a danger board and falls down a mine. #25
Thomas' Christmas Party**
25th December 1984 Thomas wants to hold a special Christmas party for Mrs. Kyndley. Unfortunately, Mrs. Kyndley's house is snowed in. #26

Season Two[]

(Note: * means that an episode was not narrated by Ringo Starr in the US and was only narrated by George Carlin in the US).

(Note: ** means that an episode was narrated by George Carlin in the US but was never re-aired on Shining Time Station and was only released on VHS or DVD.)

(Note: *** means both reasons.)

Title Image Airdate Plot Number
Thomas, Percy and the Coal
Double Trouble
24h September 1986 Thomas and Percy quarrel about proper colours for an engine, but both engines end up getting in trouble with coal. #01
A Cow on the Line
24th September 1986 Gordon and Henry tease Edward after some cows break part of his train away, but in the end, Edward has the last laugh. #02
Bertie's Chase*
1st October 1986 Edward is impatient when Thomas' fireman is away and the passengers are angry, but Bertie races to the rescue. #03
Saved from Scrap**
1st October 1986 Edward meets Trevor the Traction Engine at the scrapyards and tries to help make him become useful again. #04
Old Iron
8th October 1986 James is fed up with Edward for being so slow, but when two boys fiddle with James' controls, Edward comes to his rescue. #05
Thomas and Trevor
A New Friend for Thomas
8th October 1986 Trevor does not have much work to do and proves to Thomas how useful he can be when he is sent to help at the harbour #06
Percy and the Signal*
15th October 1986 Percy enjoys playing tricks on the big engines, but Gordon and James make a plan to pay him back. #07
Duck Takes Charge
15th October 1986 Duck arrives on the island to help Percy and stop the big engines from pushing smaller engines around. #08
Percy and Harold
Percy Proves a Point
Percy and Harold.png
22nd October 1986 Harold thinks that railways are slow and out of date, but Percy proves him wrong after winning a race. #09
The Runaway
22nd October 1986 After a visit to the works, Thomas' handbrake is very stiff and he soon becomes a runaway on the branch line. #10
Percy Takes the Plunge
29th October 1986 Percy thinks that water is nothing to an engine with determination, but his mood soon changes when he passes a danger sign at the harbour. #11
Pop Goes the Diesel
29th October 1986 Diesel arrives on trial and thinks that diesel engines know everything and do not need to learn, until he tries to take some old trucks from a siding. #12
Dirty Work
Diesel's Devious Deed
5th November 1986 Diesel gets revenge on Duck by telling lies about the big engines to the trucks, causing the Fat Controller to send Duck away. #13
A Close Shave
A Close Shave for Duck
5th November 1986 Duck helps Edward with some trucks/cars on Gordon's Hill, but the train breaks away and the trucks chase Duck down the main line, until he ends up in a barber shop. #14
Better Late Than Never
12th November 1986 The Viaduct on the main line is causing delays on the railway making Thomas very cross, but he learns that there are times when being late is not such a bad thing after all. #15
Break Van
Donald and Douglas
12th November 1986 Donald and Douglas are twins whom the Fat Controller had bought from Scotland to help out. Things do not go well for both twins due to a Spiteful Brake Van. #16
The Deputation*
19th November 1986 Donald and Douglas are worried that they will be sent away and scrapped, but Percy and the other engines try to help the twins out with a Deputation. #17
Thomas Comes to Breakfast
19th November 1986 Thomas thinks that he can manage without his driver, until he makes an unexpected visit to the stationmaster's house one morning. #18
26th November 1986 Daisy comes to help on Thomas' Branch Line after Thomas' indisposal and causes trouble with rude remarks toward the coaches and refusing to pull a milk tanker. #19
Percy's Predicament***
26th November 1986 Percy and Toby agree to switch jobs after Daisy refuses to take the milk again, which ends up putting the engines in an awkward predicament. #20
The Diseasel*
3rd December 1986 Bill and Ben think that a Diseasel stole their trucks of china clay and they set off to find him and get their trucks back. #21
Wrong Road*
3rd December 1986 A mix-up with Gordon and Edward ends up sending both engines on the wrong lines with their evening trains, with Gordon ending up being teased by Bill and Ben. #22
Edward's Exploit
10th December 1986 Gordon, Henry and James think that Edward should give up and be preserved, but Edward proves how really useful he is when he takes visitors home during a storm. #23
Ghost Train
Percy's Ghostly Trick
10th December 1986 Percy pretends to be a ghost and scare Thomas to teach him a lesson for calling him a silly little engine for his ghost story. #24
Woolly Bear
17th December 1986 Thomas thinks Percy crawls like a caterpillar due to him being late with collecting hay along the line and when Percy ends up covered in treacle and hay, Thomas and Toby end up making jokes about him. #25
Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree**
17th December 1986 Thomas is sent to collect a Christmas tree, but when he ends up getting lost along the way home, Donald and Douglas set off to rescue him in time for the Christmas celebrations. #26

Season Three[]

(Note: * means that an episode was reused for Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales).

Title Image Airdate Plot Number
A Scarf for Percy
25th February 1992 Percy wishes he could wear scarves, but he gets more than he bargained for when he runs into Sir Topham Hatt's baggage. #01
Percy's Promise
3rd March 1992 Percy keeps a promise with Thomas to take the children going to the Vicar's Sunday School home. Along the way, he gets some help from Harold when he gets stuck in a flood. #02
Time for Trouble
17th March 1992 Toby ends up stranded on the main line due to his small water tanks, causing trouble for James and the Express. #03
Gordon and the Famous Visitor
24th March 1992 Gordon is jealous when a famous engine comes to visit the railway. He declares domeless engines to not be respectable, but the tables turn when his dome blows off at the viaduct. #04
Donald's Duck
31st March 1992 Duck is given his own branch line for working hard and becomes conceited, which makes Donald cross until Duck and his driver play a joke on him. #05
Thomas Gets Bumped
7th April 1992 Thomas' branch line is closed due to bent rails on the line. He begins to think he's lost his passengers to Bertie. #06
Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
7th April 1992 Percy teases Thomas about being frightened all the time, but when Thomas is delivering a dragon in the night, Percy ends up getting a fright. #07
Diesel Does it Again
14th April 1992 Diesel is sent to help Percy and Duck with goods work at the harbour, but ends up causing more trouble for the two engines. #08
Henry's Forest
14th April 1992 When a storm comes, Henry's favourite forest experiences severe devastation. His friends soon team together to cheer him up. #09
The Trouble with Mud
21st April 1992 Gordon refuses to get a washdown, and winds up having to do goods work instead of pulling the express. #10
No Joke for James*
21st April 1992 Thomas' branch line is closed due to bent rails on the line. He begins to think he's lost his passengers to Bertie. #11
Thomas, Percy and the Post Train
Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
28th April 1992 When a mail ship ends up getting delayed, Thomas and Percy worry that Harold will replace the mail train. #12
Trust Thomas*
28th April 1992 Percy teases Thomas about being frightened all the time, but when Thomas is delivering a dragon in the night, Percy ends up getting a fright. #13
5th May 1992 Diesel is sent to help Percy and Duck with goods work at the harbour, but ends up causing more trouble for the two engines. #14
Toby's Tightrope
5th May 1992 Mavis tries to make a plan to go further down the Quarry line, but she ends up putting Toby in danger. #15
Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
12th November 1986 Edward and Trevor help the Vicar with his garden party to fund a seaside trip for the children. #16
Buzz, Buzz
12th May 1992 James thinks that he can easily scare off bees, but is proved wrong when he encounters a horde of wild bees. #17
All at Sea
19th May 1992 Duck wishes that he could travel at sea, but he changes his mind when he learns that engines are happiest on the rails. #18
One Good Turn
26th May 1992 Bill and Ben end up in an argument at the turntable, so Edward and BoCo make a plan to make the twins friends again. #19
Tender Engines
2nd June 1992 When a new engine visits Sodor, Henry becomes jealous of his two tenders. #20
9th June 1992 Douglas travels to a station where only the diesels work. He meets an engine called Oliver and a brake van called Toad, who are trying to escape from scrap. #21
Oliver Owns Up
16th June 1992 Oliver becomes conceited and thinks that he can manage trucks, but is soon proven wrong. #22
23rd June 1992 A new bus named Bulgy wants railways to be scrapped, and attempts to steal Duck's passengers #23
30th June 1992 The Troublesome Trucks trick Bill and Ben into causing a big muddle in the yard, making them late to arrange Gordon's evening train, but get a big surprise at the clay pits. #24
Percy, James and the Fruitful Day
7th July 1992 James and Percy learn that brakes are not the only thing that get jammed. #25
Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure
Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure
14th July 1992 Thomas, Percy, Harold and Terence help some villagers after a severe snow storm, and the engines get a special holiday surprise. #26

Season Four[]

(Note: * means that an episode was shown in the Shining Time Station Family Specials).

(Note: ** means that an episode was shown in the Shining Time Station spinoff, Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales).

(Note: *** means that an episode was shown on both).

Title Image Airdate Plot Number
16th October 1995 Thomas tells the story of Duke, a narrow gauge engine who worked with Stuart and Falcon. However, when their railway closed, the young engines were sold and the old engine was left abandoned in a shed. #01
Sleeping Beauty*
17th October 1995 After many years had passed, some rescuers began a journey to find Duke and reunite him with his old friends. #02
Bulldog (** / *****)
18th October 1995 Falcon was sent to take the Mountain Road with Duke. However, he was impatient and did not pay attention to Duke's advice. He eventually winded up dangling from a cliff. #03
You Can't Win (** / *****)
19th October 1995 One evening, Duke is too ill to manage by himself. Stuart teases him about this, but Duke gets his own back and he proves that he still has a lot of life left in him. #04
Four Little Engines (** / ****)
20th October 1995 Sir Handel is pushed off the rails by some angry coaches. Skarloey is the only engine available and is determined to get his passengers home, even when one of his front springs breaks. #05
A Bad Day for Sir Handel (** / *****)
23rd October 1995 Sir Handel and Peter Sam are brought in to help Skarloey and Rheneas. Sir Handel is in a bad mood and deliberately derails himself to get out of work. #06
Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady (** / *****)
24th October 1995 One day, Henry threatens to leave without Peter Sam's passengers. In a haste to meet his connection, Peter Sam accidentally leaves the Refreshment Lady behind. #07
Rusty Helps Peter Sam
(** / *****)
25th October 1995 Gordon advises Sir Handel to get out of work by pretending to be ill, leaving Peter Sam and a little diesel named Rusty to take over. However, some trucks mistake Peter Sam for Sir Handel and crash into him at the incline. #08
Home at Last (** / *****)
26th October 1995 Peter Sam informs Skarloey of the newest arrival, a careless and bad-tempered engine named Duncan. Soon, Skarloey is sent to Duncan's aid when he is stuck under a decrepit tunnel. #09
Rock 'n' Roll (** / *****)
27th October 1995 Rusty is concerned about Duncan, who ignores his warning about a broken section of track. After Duncan derails, Rusty grudgingly comes to the rescue. #10
Special Funnel **
30th October 1995 Peter Sam's funnel is knocked off by an icicle and is temporarily replaced by a drainpipe. However, Peter Sam gives the other engines a run for their money once his new funnel arrives. #11
Steam Roller (** / *****)
31st October 1995 Skarloey tells Sir Handel of an anti-railway steamroller named George, whom Sir Handel vows to pay out, only to find that both he and George are too evenly hot-headed. #12
Passengers and Polish **
1st November 1995 Duncan complains about not getting polished. His rudeness reaches its peak when he stops on the viaduct and refuses to move. #13
Gallant Old Engine **
2nd November 1995 Skarloey tells Duncan the story of how Rheneas saved the railway from closure, even after suffering a serious breakdown. #14
Rusty to the Rescue *
3rd November 1995 When Rusty hears that an engine is needed to help run the Bluebell Railway, he ventures out to find one and meets a steam engine named Stepney. #15
Thomas and Stepney *
6th November 1995 Stepney has been invited to visit Sir Topham Hatt's railway. Thomas is jealous when the visiting engine is talked about more than he is and is shunted for Stepney to pass with a special train that night. #16
Train Stops Play (** / ****)
8th November 1995 Stepney does not realise that a cricket ball has landed in one of his trucks. Caroline the car sets off with the players in pursuit of Stepney along the branch line. #17
Bowled Out (** / *****)
7th November 1995 A stuck-up diesel insults the engines and makes a fool of himself when he sucks an inspector's bowler hat through his air-intake vent. Duck and Stepney volunteer in taking his train. #18
Henry and the Elephant (** / *****)
9th November 1995 A circus comes to Sodor but Henry and some workmen are called to investigate a blockage in a tunnel, where he unhappily comes across an elephant. #19
Toad Stands Up ***
10th November 1995 Toad advises Oliver on how to regain the trucks' respect. Oliver struggles to pull a goods train, but he is so determined that he accidentally pulls S.C. Ruffey apart. #20
Bulls Eyes (** / ****)
13th November 1995 Daisy claims that she would simply have to "toot" to scare animals off. However, when she comes across a bull, she realises that it will need more than a command to move it away. #21
Thomas and the Special Letter***
14th November 1995 After the Fat Controller reads a letter inviting the engines to visit the Mainland, Thomas becomes very conceited and puts his big trip in jeopardy. #22
Paint Pots and Queens
Thomas Meets the Queen
15th November 1995 Henry misses the chance of pulling the Queen's royal train after a paint accident, giving Gordon and Thomas a special opportunity. #23
Fish **
16th November 1995 Extra vans are added to the Flying Kipper and as a result, Henry needs a back engine to help him up Gordon's Hill. Duck offers to help but a badly attached tail lamp causes problems. #24
Special Attraction *
17th November 1995 Percy is called into the harbour to deal with Bulstrode, a highly disagreeable barge. Bulstrode makes the trucks more troublesome than usual, though he pays dearly for it. #25
Mind that Bike (** / ****)
20th November 1995 Tom Tipper, a postal-worker, is unhappy when his post van is replaced by a bicycle. Percy manages to help him out, but not in the way he intended. #26

Season Five[]

Title Image Airdate Plot Number
Cranky Bugs
14th September 1998 A new crane called Cranky arrives at the docks and causes trouble for Thomas and Percy but eventually needs their help after a storm. #01
Horrid Lorry
15th September 1998 Three very Horrid Lorries arrive on Sodor and start taking over the engines' jobs. Eventually, the tables are turned and the lorries get their comeuppance. #02
A Better View for Gordon
16th September 1998 Gordon complains about the plainness of a new station and longs for a panoramic view, which he gets unexpectedly. #03
Lady Hatt's Birthday Party
17th September 1998 On his way to his wife's birthday, the Fat Controller runs into a series of problems like his car getting a flat tire, Caroline being broken down, and falls from George into a muddy ditch, which ruins his suit. #04
James and the Trouble with Trees
18th September 1998 James' bragging prevents him from listening to Henry, Percy and Terence's warnings about trees that are too close to the line. #05
Gordon and the Gremlin
21st September 1998 Gordon has problems with his fire and the others joke of gremlins. Later, a special visitor arrives and her dog runs away into Thomas' cab. #05
Bye George!
22nd September 1998 George the Steamroller causes a great deal of trouble for the engines. #07
23rd September 1998 A "Best Dressed Station" contest is being held across Sodor. However, as Percy is helping decorate Maithwaite station, a hungry ram is found at the station and the decorations are ruined. #08
Put Upon Percy
24th September 1998 Percy complains that he is overworked. While working at the Coal Mine, some trucks escape and they crash inside the mineshaft, which causes the mine to collapse. #09
Toby and the Flood
25th September 1998 Toby is sent to inspect a dam and discovers a few leaks in it. It eventually collapses and causes an unsafe bridge to break, causing him to drift towards a waterfall and it's up to Percy and Harold to save him from falling down a waterfall. #10
Haunted Henry
28th September 1998 Henry refuses to believe in ghosts, until he and his crew encounter a series of spooky events during the night. #11
Double Teething Troubles
29th September 1998 Bill and Ben are worried when they hear that Derek, a malfunctioning diesel, is going to help them work in the clay pits. But it turns out that Derek is a friendly diesel. #12
Stepney Gets Lost
30th September 1998 The Fat Controller invites Stepney to work with Toby and Mavis at the quarry. Stepney gets lost on the way home, eventually arriving at the Smelter's Yard with two diesels named 'Arry and Bert until the Fat Controller found him. #13
Toby's Discovery
1st October 1998 Toby takes the Hatts on an expedition, finding a castle and an old mine. The destinations are reopened, but Toby is spooked by Thomas' story about "The Old Warrior". #14
Something in the Air
2nd October 1998 Henry is cross when Thomas delays him and refuses to listen to his warning about a line eroded by high tides, which he ended up plunging in the sea. #15
Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach
5th October 1998 Thomas and Percy discover an old coach named Old Slow Coach in the scrapyard and want to save her. #16
Thomas and the Rumours
Thomas and the Rumors
6th October 1998 The engines discover that Harold has been hired to show a special visitor around the island and fear being replaced until Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas that it’s not true and that listening to rumors is bad after Gordon’s accident. #17
Oliver's Find
7th October 1998 Oliver is put on mail duty but ends up going down to an old branch line, due to a dozing signalman, forcing Sir Topham Hatt to search for Oliver and discovering an old abandoned house. #18
Happy Ever After
8th October 1998 Mrs. Kyndley asks Percy and his driver to make a "good luck package" for her daughter's wedding, which he succeeded in doing so. #19
Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday
9th October 1998 The Fat Controller and his family go on holiday, though things start to go wrong. #20
A Surprise for Percy
A Big Surprise for Percy
12th October 1998 Percy moans about his work in the coal mines and wants something exciting to happen. His wish comes true when a line of trucks breaks away from him on the hill and he must stop them before it’s too late. #21
Make Someone Happy
13th October 1998 James sees Mrs. Kyndley, who is upset that her sister cannot come and visit. A "mystery tour" is arranged for her and James is chosen for it. #22
Busy Going Backwards
14th October 1998 Toad is feeling bored about going backwards all the time and confesses to Oliver that he wishes to go forwards for a change. On Gordon's Hill, the coupling snaps and Toad goes on a wild ride with the Troublesome Trucks through the main line; all the way through Wellsworth, Crosby, and all the way to a pond at the Old Stone Bridge, while narrowly avoiding the Big Engines. #23
Duncan Gets Spooked
15th October 1998 Duncan teases Peter Sam after some trucks fall into a ravine, so Rusty tells Duncan a ghost story to make him eat his own words and the drivers of Peter Sam and Duncan plots to trick Duncan into thinking that the ghost is real, which they succeeded in doing so. #24
Rusty and the Boulder
16th October 1998 Rusty is suspicious of a strange boulder lodged in the mountains, which chases him, Skarloey, and Rheneas until it demolishes the nearby shed, which it narrowly avoided Percy. #25
19th October 1998 Thomas is cross with the snow, so Rusty tells him about Skarloey's own experience in an avalanche. #26

Season Six[]

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Season Seven[]

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Season Eight[]

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Season Nine[]

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Season Ten[]

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Season Eleven[]

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Season Twelve[]

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Season Thirteen[]

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Season Fourteen[]

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Season Fifteen[]

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Season Sixteen[]

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Season Seventeen[]

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Season Eighteen[]

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