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Writers, cast and crew Crew members/List of characters
"Edward and Gordon"
Written by Rev. W. Awdry (original story)
Britt Allcroft & David Mitton (adaptation)
Storyteller Direction by Britt Allcroft
Television Stories by Britt Allcroft & David Mitton
Director of Photography Terence Permane
1st Assistant Director Steve Asquith
Production Management Craeme MacArthur
Production Co-ordinator Melanie Inskip
North American Production Co-ordinator Shelley-Elizabeth Skinner
Camera Crew Nigel Permane
Simon Heck
Gaffer Michael Flynn
Model Shop Supervisor Brian Rutland
Special Effects Supervisor David Eves
Set Dresser Julie McKay
Senior Model Maker Martin Caskell
Model Crew Conrad Ayling
Sophie Brown
Anton Christian
Angela Haycock
Chris Lloyd
Tracy Milham
Jennie de Naeyer
Figurines Johnathan Saville
Stagehands Matthew Veale
Eleanor Denman
Railway Consultant David Maidment
Lighting Equipment Supplied by Lee Lighting Ltd.
Periscope Lens Supplied by Grip House Ltd.
Sound Effects and Dubbing Maidstone Studios
Dubbing Mixer Mike Erander
North American Sound Supervisor Bill Maither
North American Audio Engineer Mark DeSimone
Post Production Facilities The House
Editor John L. Wright
Music Composed by Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Made At Shepperton Studios, London England
Processesd by Technicolor
Executive Producer Angus Wright
Produced by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton
A Gullane Pictures Release
A Britt Allcroft Production
© Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1998.